Balloon Tying Creations - Collection 2

Balloon Tying Creations - Collection 2
    Code: 83020
    Price: $23.90
    Care: or size needed to obtain gauge"
    Designer/Publisher: Cid Hascom / Cid Hascom Designs
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Suggested Gauge: "34 - 36 st = 4"""
    Suggested Needle Size: "Size US #1 (2.25mm)
    Yardage: varies
    Yarn Class: Super Fine
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    Inspired by, and fashioned after balloon tied animals, these adorable creatures are created by knitting a tube, with specific increases and decreases that allow them to be tied (after stuffing) into their respective shapes. The 10 patterns come in a handy, clear vinyl wallet that allows the pattern to be visible and yet still protected. Creations include: mouse with cheese, rooster, owl, frog, ostrich, weiner dog, sheep, rabbit, dog, and flying pig.