Translating Hand Knit to Machine Knit

Translating Hand Knit to Machine Knit
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    Translating Hand Knit to Machine Knit (PB113)

    Have you ever seen a gorgeous pattern in a book or magazine for hand knitting that you would love to make on a knitting machine?

    Learn how to translate any hand knit pattern to a machine knit pattern with Tricia’s easy to follow instructions.  Tricia shares her knowledge of how to translate hand knit patterns to a machine knit pattern.  Using her easy to follow instructions, pictures and diagrams, anyone will be able to translate a hand knit pattern for a sweater, stitch design or other project.  Examples of hand knit patterns translated to machine knit are included.

    • Translating Abbreviations

    • Translating Techniques

    • Translating Patterns

    • Magic Formula Calculations

    • Translating Stitch Designs

    • Translating Stitch Symbols

    Designer: Tricia Shafer
    Publisher: Knitters Edge (PB113)