301 Hints & Tips

301 Hints & Tips
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    301 Hints & Tips
    This 128-page technique booklet is a collection of hints and tips gathered form many people and compiled into this booklet. A great resource for any Bond knitting machine owner. Contents include:
    • Bond Hints: Yarns and Your bond; Keyplates; Cast-On Hem: Maintenance; Tools; Handknitting and the Bond; Ribs; Ribbed Fabrics: Hems
    • Knitting Techniques: First Sweater Hints; Yarns; Tension; Helping the Knitting; Casting On and Off; Necklines and Collars; Detailing; Finishing and Sewing up; Hold Position and Waste Knitting
    • Stitches and Striped Effects: Striping; lace; Intarsia/Picture Knitting; Tuck Stitches; Fair Isle; Cables; Weaving; Contrast Knitting; Garter Stitches; Bobbles; Tartans, Plais and Smocking; Loopy Stitches and Rows; Hold Position Stitches; and Pick Up and Pull Stitches
    • Decoration: Flaps and Triangles; Rolls and Tubes; Knitted Edgings
    • Index
    • Letter to Rosemary Worth