Workshop Video - KnitSmart

Workshop Video - KnitSmart
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    Note: This video steps through numerous techniques on how to use the KnitSmart system. The same techniques can be performed on an Incredible or Ultimate Sweater Machine.

    The companion book to the video has been copied by permission of the original publisher since original books are no longer available.

    KnitSmart Knitting Workshop Video and book
    This video and book works through 8 projects and 12 stitches. Including:
    How to Set up the Machine
    How to Make Your First Project – the tissue roll cover in the Knitsmart Workshop Manual
    How to Get Started
    Useful Things to Understand and Know
    Change color—make stripes
    Weave in loose ends
    How the stitch is made
    Picking up a dropped stitch
    Pulling out a row
    Knitting a row by hand
    Correcting a half knit row
    A Series of Fancy Stitches:
    - Lace
    - Knot stitch
    - Bar knot stitch
    - Cables
    - Butterfly stitch
    - Garter bar usage [note: the garter bar is no longer available]
    Basic Techniques to Construct a Sweater
    Crochet edge
    Rehanging the hem and ribbing
    More Fancy Stitches
    - Tuck Stitch—Fisherman’s Rib
    - Two color tuck
    - Fair Isle and dealing with long floats
    - Intarsia and weaving in edges
    More Techniques for a Sweater
    - Decrease
    - Increase
    - Neck construction
    - Waste yarn finish for shoulder
    - Seaming the shoulder
    - Rehanging to knit sleeve downward
    How to hang your hem in the middle of your work
    Tissue Roll Cover
    Sampler Blanket
    Super Easy Pullover for Adults
    Golf Club Covers
    Hat Pattern