Seed Stitcher - Fix It! Tool

Seed Stitcher - Fix It! Tool
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    Knitters rejoice! Save time and fix it, don't rip it. The seed stitcher is a double ended latch tool used by hand and machine knitters alike. As an added bonus, the tool measures approximately 4" from tip to tip thereby making it an efficient tool to use as a measuring guide also.

    If you would like to see how the seed stitch works, click through to the YouTube video. Note, for ease of photography, the tool is shown on the knitting machine, but the same techniques apply for hand knitters.

    Hand Knitters

    Do you use a crochet hook to fix split stitches? What about a stitch that was purled when it should have been knitted? No more . . . the 'seed stitcher' saves time and frustration!

    Simply insert the tool into the stitch, if its a knit stitch, catch the rung and pull it through the front and if its a purl stitch, push the tool through to the back (with a crochet hook, you actually have to remove it from the stitch which makes it easy to drop the stitch!) and pull the rung through the backside.

    Machine Knitters

    Change stitches (convert) from knits to purls or vice versa for ribbing or seed stitch.

    Here's how: knit several rows, insert the tool in the row below the stitch you want to convert, drop the stitch and let it unravel. Use the tool to latch stitches back up, either from the back or the front thereby converting stitches to make seed or moss stitch, or even garter stitch.

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