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    Silver Reed LK-150

    The Silver Reed LK-150 is an easy-to-use mid-gauge machine (6.5 mm) plastic knitting frame.

    • 150 needles knits from about 19" up to 37.5" wide fabric depending upon yarn and stitch pattern used.
    • Use fingering weight yarns with a gauge as small as 8 stitches = 1" up to worsted and Aran weight yarns with a gauge of 4 stitches = 1".
    • The stitch dial adjusts from 1 to 13 and closely corresponds to US handknitting needle size numbers.
    • There is a tension mast to help adjust row gauge and take up the yarn at the beginning of the row.
    • Easily knit needles back from hold position without worrying about dropping stitches (tuck and slip).
    • Carriage can also feed two yarns to knit a plaited fabric.
    • Cables, lace and ribbing can all be knit using hand-manipulation techniques.
    • 43" long by 8" deep
    • Optional accessories: 50-needle extension kit, extra row counter to keep track of multiple repeats, intarsia carriage, extra tension mast

    All in all, this machine is a delight to knit on! Complete with instruction book, row counter and tools. Includes free subscription to Knitting Today News (4 issues).

    I started to knit on this machine when I wanted to knit double-knitting weight and fingering weight yarns. It is easy to set up and start knitting on without any idiosyncrasies of other plastic bed machines. It comes with all of the tools, row counter, and claw weights that are needed to set up and be knitting. The instruction book is very visual, but I did find that the Workshop DVD helped quite a bit. If my husband or daughter wants to work on a project, this is the machine they go to also. -- Lea-Ann

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